International Coalition Of Nations member nations.

  • Australia
  • The Central African Bloc
  • The Chinese Consortium
  • The European Federation
  • The Democratic Republic of India
  • Islamic Holy Republic
  • The Japanese Affiliates
  • The Russian Republic
  • United Americas

International Confederation of Nations (ICON) of the 23rd Century still bears some resemblance to the original United Nations that troubled institution born in the aftermath of World War II. While still dealing with problems of patronage and bureaucracy, sheer necessity has enabled the body to become somewhat effective in its original purpose of keeping the peace.

The Confed Summit in Geneva, 1st January 2085, was attended by Australia, China, the European Federation, Japan, New Zealand, the Russian Republic, South Africa, and the United Americas. The nations attending the summit proposed that the United Nations Constitution be radically ratified. These proposals in effect dissolved the United Nations, replacing it with the International Confederation of Nations (ICON), an economic/political conglomerate committed to the goal of uniting the nations of Earth in preparation for the colonisation of the planet Mars and the rest of the solar system. The colonisation of solar space has greatly aided the nations of Earth in putting aside national differences, enabling them to present a (mostly) unified front as the Confed. Despite this, some experts say that human tribal instincts have simply shifted to an interplanetary rather than global stage.

Important branches of the United Earth Federation include:

1. General Assembly 2. Security Council 3. Interstellar Colonial Authority 4. Interstellar Trade Commission 5. Communications 6. Peace Force 7. Intelligence 8. The Law Enforcement Office (LEO) 9. The Colonial Security Force 10. The Confed Health Service 11. The Confed Labour Force


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