Life in 2199

The year is 2199.

Life on Earth is a hopeless struggle between economic chaos and social decay. Commercial Partnerships – conglomerates operating like a city state dominate the political landscape. Natural resources are virtually exhausted. Civilization has barely survived a seventy-five year dark age known simply as “The Fall ”. For more than three decades a runaway geneered virus ravaged the world’s agricultural crops while social panic and economic destabilisation reigned; billions died of starvation.

The resulting chaos has only recently been alleviated, due primarily to the heroic efforts of the International Council of Nations. This organization was created out of the United Nations in reaction to “The Fall”, and is all that still remains of most of Earth’s original world governments. Powerful and benign, yet challenged on every front, the I.C.O.N. struggles to protect human rights and ecological integrity in the face of the Organised Comercial Partnership (OCP) inhumanity and social desperation. The I.C.O.N. remains the last best hope throughout the solar system.

On 2066 as part of a long term plan to ease the heavy burden on the Earth’s vanishing resources, the then fledgling ICON member nations began an intensive colony effort, seeding the solar system with genetically altered, human colonists. The Catalyst Project did much to aid the Earth’s failing economies and social morale. Now the solar system is alive with trade and the Near Earth Orbital Enclaves are the height of fashion for the rich and famous.

The Meta-Net allows easy access to these realities and more people than ever before are enjoying space even if only virtually. Gen-eering and digitising have now moved to the point where the old sicknesses are a think of the past. The rich and influential can “live” indefinitely. Nostalgia is at an all time high. The past particularly the 1920-30’s is all the rage, noir movies, black and white, slicked hairstyles and all types of anachronisms are popular. Species extinction is an issue but due to the ongoing works of the Catalyst Project and I.C.O.N. many extinct species are again on the rise.

Technology is producing new wonders daily. Robotics is on the rise. “Servitors” and “Autons” two commercial brands are nearly ubiquitous. Uplifts, animal human hybrids have recently received their emancipation due to the Kirkland act. Virtuality is invading all parts of the human-sphere and it’s no longer easy to tell the difference between “hard reality” and “virtual”. On top of it all there just doesn’t seem to be enough work for everyone. So people are keeping themselves busy with all types of diversions.

And the OCP and ICON agree on nothing. Nor for that matter to the internal members of those organisations.

Life in 2199

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