Tech Stuff

  • Ubiquitous Computing [q.v. the MetaNet]
  • Near Infinite Storage Capacity
  • Discretionary Interfaces
  • Abundant Power
  • No Faster-Than-Light Communication
  • No Faster-than-light Travel
  • Extreme Miniaturization
  • No Matter Transport – But Matter Creation

The MetaNet:

Skills and the MetaNet
System citizens are fitted at birth with MetaNet implants, direct neural interfaces to the MetaNet, the vast, technological “shared consciousness” spanning the System and containing the memories of generations living and dead. The physical limits of the human brain are augmented by this “virtual brain capacity”, enabling communication and the manipulation of data at a thought. Users can draw on its stored data to enhance their own abilities.

MetaNet enhancement comes in two forms. The first, Skill Chips, are expert skill systems maintained and updated by the MetaNet, which experienced users of a Skill can draw on to augment their abilities. Skill Chips are treated as Stunts, and are detailed below.

Skill Chips
A Skill Chip is a Stunt, available for many Skills, giving a +2 modifier to a character’s Skill level. The table below lists those Skills which can be “chipped”.
An expert needs a Skill Chip for the core knowledge enhancements for their job. They also need a high personal Skill level to achieve complex results: a Skill Chip doesn’t make you an instant genius. It’s necessary to get used to a Chip, kinaesthetic mapping and learning to use its techniques properly, and so on. That requires habituation time, and is why characters can’t simply bung in a chip and go.

Skills for which Skill Chips are available
Academics Engineering Mysteries Starship Pilot Art Fists Pilot Starship Systems Athletics Gambling Science Stealth Burglary Guns Sleight of Hand Survival Contacting Investigation Starship Engineering Weapons Drive Leadership Starship Gunnery

The second form of enhancement is tagging the MetaNet. Individuals can spontaneously search the MetaNet for information, techniques, and data to assist them in a task. Tagging the MetaNet is less powerful than using Skill Chips, but is more common. An Academic might quickly search the MetaNet for a nugget of information; an Engineer seek out a schematic of a piece of equipment he isn’t used to maintaining; an explorer look for a map
See “Tagging the MetaNet”, below, for more.

Tagging the eScape/MetaNet
Characters can tag the MetaNet for those Skills which can be enhanced using stored memories and experiences. Not all “memory” is in the public domain. All of a persons Life-Log is considered private property. However people do share and swap Life-log flies [i.e. memegrams] and others sell them. Still others “liberate” peoples personal memgrams and release them to the Meta-Net. Often this is done by petty jilted lovers…

Tech Stuff

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