Humans AKA Flat, DNorm,

Humans are the standard genotype. Nearly all humans in the Solar system have a Digital Cortical Stack and Net Access Node installed at birth.


Synthetics are artificial life-forms, ranging from entirely mechanical to entirely biological constructs, though the distinction is often blurred; the key is that synthetics are made, not born.

Zoomorphe AKA Chimera

Throughout its history humanity has looked to the animal kingdom for companionship and aid, domesticating species as desired. The OCP has created animal companions with human-like intelligence and fully or partially humanoid body morphologies: the Zoomorphes. Historically Zoomorphes were considered property of the OCP member companies, but the Expansion made this a nonsense with significant numbers of Silverbacks used in the engineering of Mars. Zoomorphe characters vary hugely, from near animal appearance to almost entirely human. This variance is genotype divergence (GD), a 1-100 scale from the animal genotype towards the human norm. A GD25 cetacean is still mostly dolphin, whereas a GD75 one is very humanoid, though with obvious cetacean features such as rubbery grey skin, blowhole, and streamlined physique. Zoomorphes with GD less than 5 or over 95 are largely indistinguishable from the original animal or human genotypes. For a Zoomorphe character, select an animal heritage and its genotype divergence; the most common types are shown in the table below. You can choose special abilities based on animal heritage, such as the “Lightning Fast [Athletics]” Stunt for pithecines.

Xenomorph Types and Abilities

Pithecine Also known as Silverbacks and Boners. Derived from gorillas, bonobos, chimps. Make excellent specialists and heavy engineers. Lightning Fast Stunt [Athletics] Aspects: Sudden Burst of Speed, Fond of Hierarchies, Can I try that? Let’s just fool around! Clothing’s optiona.l

Canid Derived from wolves, dogs. Make good soldiers. Heightened, Smell Stunt [Alertness] Aspects: Loyal, Headstrong, I really love doing this!

Feline Derived from cats, great cats. Make good starship and fighter pilots. Lightning Fast Stunt [Athletics] Aspects: Sensuous Movements, Curious, I’ll do it my way thank you!

Ursoid Derived from bears. Makegood shock troops or heavy labour. Oversized [Intimidation] Aspects: Bull in a chinashop, Bear with a sore head, Eats anything.

Cetacean Also known as Swimmers and Orc’s, derived from dolphins and orcas. Active Sonar [Alertness]. Make excellent zero-grav specialists. Aspects: Friendly,Mischievous, At home in zero-grav.

Mercurial Uplifted animals retaining their original form with enhanced intellegence.


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