Welcome to our FATE system game a Transhuman Sci-fi game!

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Genre: Gritty Transhuman drama at the dawn of Faster then light travel at 11:57 minutes and a few seconds to a truly horible hard takeoff singularity. Or is it…

Narrative mode of the upcoming series is “Epic”: a sweeping tale of heroism, against a backdrop of great historical events.

The Opening sequence: Or ohh shit someone killed my body and stole my mind.

Your softly floating in water, you remember “holiday. The one I really earned. The sun feels so good on my bones you think to yourself” you remember the island and the white beaches the feeling of relaxation, being loved, finding yourself and each over after everything that’s happened, life’s good… you earned this. Best—holiday—everrrrrr.

Yeah but your dead. Well not you but the old you. The one from the future. Yeah your history your pre-Fall. Things have moved on without you. You moved on with out you for that matter.
I guess you didnt mean to, you just didnt know, but you did. And now that ‘unfaithful’ you is dead. But your not, because I’m talking to you…

But your old .. the way you think is old. But the reason you exist is well you got “its” interest when “it” was only a child, so it compiled you without you even knowing…
Call It Hyperion thats what its calling itself these days damned if we can work out why. “God of Watchfulness and Wisdom” my ass. More like God of mass murder and nihilism if you ask me.

This isnt making sense I know BUT the reason it compiled you and a few others like you, is the very reason that you can be alive now. So you have to thank it for that much at least.
We dont know why it chose you but it did. Its a gift, I guess. I Dont know why or how … maybe you do? Doesnt matter though.

Well because you used to be interesting to “it”-“Hyperion”- one of the others killed you ‘now’ – I think it was “Selene” but it could have been “Nergal” but what do I know.
Anyway they didn’t know that this version of you existed. They thought they got you real dead too. But FIREWALL salvaged this copy ..

More a recompile of the copy of the original compile made in the past actually. But anyway It’s you… at least its the only version of you that exists now.
I can have you backed up….but not from here… not right now.
Anyway we don’t have time for any more… right now you have to run. Your in the only ‘synths’ I could come by at short notice…

Yeah thanks for asking …I’m dead too.. real dead … thats why your in these shit ‘pods’ this is just residual me what little I could salvage and smash into an infomorph. But I’d like a better version of me and for that you have to help me… I dont even know if I exist anymore or if this fork is all I got left. Each of you has a little bit of me.

Who am I. Jess Corbin that’s who. Yes that one. The Jeremiah Corbin of Mars “the Architect” so what? Yeah the stocks are going to take a hit. Sucks to be me. Help me and I can get you backed up … so sue me, its the best I could do in 3 nanoseconds and that’s all we had I cant dilate time any more. Time to leave here. Wake up in your pod and RUN!!

A History Of Breaking Things

Eponymous Babylon by unfor54k3n nfchristie justabloke Tokamak Nurdalwave Krictor