Notes on Source Manipulation

A GM’s NOTE; Personally I wanted this campaign to be hard scifi – however due to the desires of the players [notably Kevin] it is included. PS – everything may not be as it seems. *
*A note on the Source, Magic, PSI and their origins.

The Source = The Noosphere, collective conciousness, Imageria etc.

Magic = a structured way to manipulate quantum mega-scale effects as manifestations of the Nooshere in Reality.

PSI = Raw projection of manifestations of Noospheric resonance in Reality.

What is all this

The Source is a high level effect of the quantum mechanics of conciousness. As such its not actually only limited to Biological entities.

It will become clear that the Source, Magic, Psi use can also occur in the eScape etc its only a matter of time until people learn ‘how’ to do this. The emergence of Psi/Magic has paralleled trans-humanities need to develop cognitive structures which can deal with Resleeving, identity and alienation.

Think of the “Source” as THE source code of the universe and being able to “reality-hack”. The result is the sort of things Neo could do in the Matrix, but in “both” the real world and the eScape and your on the right track.

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Notes on Source Manipulation

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